FAQs » 17. What is the difference between SEO and PPC?

PPC or Pay-Per-Click is a method of search engine placement where the advertiser pays each time a user clicks on their ad. The system is based on choosing one or more keywords and then bidding on how much you are willing to pay each time you receive a hit. The advantages of PPC are that you can guarantee your placement for as long as you are willing to pay. The limitations are that your ad will only appear on the particular search engine you have the PPC service with, and only with the keyword(s) you are paying for. Setting PPC up on multiple search engines and with multiple keywords can become expensive. The cost of a keyword is determined by its popularity, and is subject to change which will also impact on whether or not this is a cost-effective option. SEO provides broader coverage because it concentrates on optimising your website for all search engines, and with a wide range of keywords.

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