FAQs » 7. What web site optimisation techniques do you use?

The optimisation process contains several parts, all of which will prepare your website for the search engines. The first part begins at the point of sign up and is conducted by your sales contact who will provide you with Keyword Research and a Keyword Consultation. This ensures the optimisation work being done is based on the best possible keywords for you.

The second part is a Site Review Report where one of our optimisation team will run diagnostic tests on your website to assess its current status with regards to search engine criteria. The report will detail any design or structural issues which might be affecting your ability to rank highly. We will make recommendations to you based on this report. As part of the site review report you will also receive an Individual Page Review, which will provide further in-depth analysis of any potential problems.

Our Optimisation Work is then completed on the coding of your website including a re-working of the meta-tag data and site description before we perform the Search Engine Submissions.

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